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Monday, May 23, 2022

સોમવારના દિવસે કરો આ ઉપાય બધી સમસ્યાઓ થઈ જશે દુર

People work hard to save money for themselves and their families, but even after working hard, people's money problems often do not go away.  In Hinduism, it is believed that each day of the week has its own specialty.  Work done on different days of the week pays off in a person's life.

 In similar religious texts, some special measures have been mentioned regarding the acquisition of wealth on Monday.

આ પણ વાંચો :- શું રાત્રે બરાબર ઊંઘ નથી આવતી? તો અજમાવી જોવો આ એકવાર આ ઉપાય

 Remedies for prosperity

 Monday is dedicated to Lord Bholenath.  It is believed that worshiping Lord Shiva on Monday with devotion and respect brings his blessings.  By regularly worshiping Lord Shiva at regular intervals, Bholenath blesses his devotees with immense happiness and prosperity.

 For money problems

 If you can't raise money even by working tirelessly, light a ghee lamp on Shivling on Monday night.  You have to do this regularly for 41 days.  Doing so brings special grace of Shiva and liberates the person from financial problems.

આ પણ વાંચો :- 🔜 अगर आपके पास भी है 786 नंबर वाला कोई नोट तो कमा सकते हैं 3 लाख रुपए, जानिए कहां बेचें नोट

 For job success

 Lord Shiva is also known as Bholenath.  If a person sincerely prays to Lord Bholenath for the success of his work and anoints the Shivling with bell leaves, dhatura, milk and water, then Lord Bholenath is pleased and blesses him for success in the work.

 Disruption of job or business

 If Lord Shiva is offered honey on Shivling on Monday, then Lord Shiva removes obstacles in one's job or business and blesses him with progress.

આ પણ વાંચો :- વૉટ્સએપ પણ કયો વ્યક્તિ કોની સાથે કરી રહ્યો છે વધુ ચેટિંગ, આ આસાન ટ્રિકથી જાણો એક મિનીટમાં

 Independence from paternity

 Some people's progress is stunted due to parental fault in their horoscope or they cannot get any benefit in business.  In such a situation, donate whole akshat and black sesame seeds to someone in need on Monday.  Doing so frees the parent from guilt and opens the way to progress.

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