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Sunday, May 15, 2022

Eye test application for all android mobile.. take care your eyes

 ડૉકટર ની પાસે ગયા વીના જ ઘરે બેઠા ઉતારો આંખોના નંબર – દેશી ઉપાયોથી જતા રહેછે આંખોના નંબર

Weak eyesight and spectacles on the eyes will often be a nuisance to us, instead of frequent visits to the doctor, the remedy should be adopted while sitting at home, which will increase the lawn of the eyes and also reduce the number by doing it regularly.

 Take the right amount of almonds, fennel and sugar and add it to the PC.  Drink 10 grams of this mixture with 250 ml of milk before going to bed.  Doing 40 days in a row will make you feel that your eyesight has increased.  Remember not to drink water for 2 hours after consuming this.

 Due to the high content of Vitamin C in mango, it is more effective for the eyes.  Mango can be consumed in the form of powder, capsule or juice.  It is also beneficial to drink fresh mango juice with honey every morning or eat a teaspoon of mango powder with water before going to bed at night.

 Dip one teaspoon of triphala powder in water and leave it overnight.  The next morning wash your eyes with that water.  It will be more beneficial to keep the mouth full of water while washing the eyes.  Doing this for a month will make a difference.

 Carrots are high in phosphorus, vitamin A, vitamin C and iron which are good for eyes.  Eating raw carrot salad regularly or drinking its juice can increase the brightness of the eyes.

 Bilberry is the only beer that stimulates blood circulation in the body.  Eating fresh bilberries eliminates the problem of night blindness and poor lighting.

 Remember that all the nutrients in your diet should be present.  A balanced diet is essential not only for the eyes but for the whole body.  Carrot juice, green vegetables, fruits, cauliflower, and lemon may be part of it.

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This is a home ayurvedic remedy for permanent removal of eye numbers,

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 Walking on green grass with bare feet in the morning is very beneficial for the eyes, make it a part of your daily routine.

 Get up in the morning and rub your palms together and when the palms get warm, apply it on the eyes.  Doing this 4-5 times will benefit the eyes a lot.

 The eye is an important part of our body.  If you spend a lot of time working on the computer or watching a book or TV, it can cause you pain in your eyes, which can be a problem for you in the future.  In this the vision of the eyes is impaired and the spectacles come over the eyes.  But what to do with people who have already got glasses.

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 Rub your two palms together to relieve eye fatigue after overwork, which will generate heat.  Then close your eyes and place your palms over your eyes.  One thing to keep in mind is that the light does not fall on the eyes at all.  Do this 3-4 times a day.

 To keep the eyes healthy, rinse the eyes with mango water or put rose water in the eyes.

 Fill a copper jug ​​with a liter of water and leave it overnight, and get up in the morning and drink it.  Water stored in copper is very beneficial to the body especially the eyes.

 Massage cow's ghee lightly on the scalp daily with a light hand to increase the brightness of the eyes.  Another remedy is to take cumin and sugar in equal proportions and eat it with a teaspoon of ghee daily.

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 Eat ambergris marmalade twice a day to enhance eyesight.  This will help you a lot. Take one teaspoon of semolina, two almonds and half a teaspoon of sugar with a glass of milk every night before going to bed.

 Saffron and a glass of plain water can be used to regain the light of eyes through these two things. All we have to do is make saffron tea and boil the water and add saffron in it.  Drinking this glass of saffron tea before going to bed at night will give very good results.

 Mix a glass of sugar with three parts coriander to make a homemade eye drop.  Make a paste of both.  Then heat it in water and cover and leave for an hour.  Then take a clean cotton cloth and strain the mixture and use it as an eye drop in the eye.

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 Eating banana, sugarcane is beneficial for the eye.  Drink cane juice.  Being a father of lemon in a glass of water maintains vision in the eye for life.

 Sleep by massaging fern oil on the soles of the feet.  In the morning, walk barefoot on the green grass and do anulom-vilom pranayama regularly, the weakness of the eyes will go away.  Avoid applying hair color, hair dry and chemical shampoo.  Eating grapes regularly, consumption of grapes increases the ability to see at night.

 Massage the walnut oil around your eyes to remove the spectacles from the eyes.  This is a very simple but accurate solution.

 Insomnia is a very common problem in modern life.  If you can't get enough sleep, it can affect your eyes.  Due to which there will be black spots under the eyes and also the vision of the eyes will be less.  That is why 7-9 hours of sleep a day is very important.

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 When working, keep the eyelids blinking, it will not dry out the eyes and the problem of itching in the eyes will be less, take a short break every 40 minutes during low, keep the eyes for 5 minutes, this will relieve eye fatigue, will work.  Do eye exercises 2 times a day, for this, for 5 minutes, rotate the students first to the right and then to the left, every 10 hours during the work every 10 hours.

 If you suffer from cataracts, apply wrinkle juice in the eyes. Take one teaspoon of white onion juice in wrinkles, because white onion does not contain one teaspoon of red onion, add lemon juice to it, now add one teaspoon of item.  Then put a teaspoon of rose gel in it, fill this mixture in a small bottle and shake, then keep it in the eyes continuously for a month, in a month, the cataracts are cleared.

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