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Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Jamnaar farmer invents electric battery-powered tractor

 If petrol-diesel prices go up, Jamnaar farmer invents electric battery-powered tractor

 Gujarat Farmer: This battery operated tractor costs the farmer only Rs 15 to 20 per hour.

 Kinjal Karsaria, Jamnagar: Petrol-diesel price hike is on the rise amid skyrocketing prices.  Only then did a farmer from Kalawad panth of Jamnagar Farmer innovation come up with a resourceful invention.  A young farmer (Gujarat farmer) has set a new standard by making a battery operated tractor for use in agriculture.

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 It is said that resourcefulness leads people from where to where.  Maheshbhai Bhoot, a young farmer from Pepper village in Kalawad taluka of Jamnagar district, has built a battery-powered tractor so that farmers can easily cultivate at low cost in times of inflation.  Farmers are also flocking to see their self-made electric battery-powered tractors.  Maheshbhai Keshubhai Bhut, a native of Peepar village in Kalawad taluka and a farmer's son, completed his studies at TYBcom at the age of 34 and completed e-rickshaw course and also got Government Approved ISO Certificate.

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 In order to reduce the cost of farming in the midst of inflation for a long time, they came up with the idea of ​​building an electric battery powered tractor and have come up with their own resourceful battery powered tractor.  The tractor made by young farmer Maheshbhai has a power of 22 hp.  It has a 72 watt lithium battery.  That is a good quality and approved battery so it does not have to worry about changing the battery frequently.

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hThe battery is fully charged in 4 hours and lasts for 10 hours continuously.  A lot of technology has been used in making this tractor.  The special feature of this tractor in today's modern age is that the tractor gets connected even with the farmer's mobile.  Which can also control the speed of the tractor from the mobile. If the tractor is pressed while plowing in the field, good performance can also be obtained by increasing the current.

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 Amidst the problem of global warming, no pollution is spread by this special battery operated tractor designed for farming.  In addition, a photo calling motor has been placed in the tractor so that there is no need for water in the tractor.  This tractor with simple steering has been specially designed so that the farmer can operate in his field plowing, Shah's plow, rake, rap, panchiyu, ptipo in the back and also can operate all kinds of pressure.

 In the future, if the farmer installs this battery operated tractor, he can cultivate himself in zero maintenance.  If a farmer cultivates with a diesel tractor, it costs him 100 to 125 rupees per hour.  This is because the cost and warranty, including oil and diesel, seem to be higher.  While this battery operated tractor costs the farmer only Rs. 15 to 20 per hour.  So its cost in farming is also decreasing.

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 Maheshbhai Keshubhai Bhoot, a farmer's son from Pipar village in Kalawad taluka, has built his own village at Pipar Mukham with his own resources.  The tractor is named Vyom.  Many farmers are flocking to see these battery operated tractors

ગુજરાતીમાં વાચવા માટે અહિયા ક્લિક કરો

 Amidst the current rising petrol and diesel prices, the battery operated "Vyom Tractor" made by young farmer Maheshbhai is getting cheaper and bean expensive.  But if the government implements schemes like subsidy in these battery operated tractors then the farmer can get a good benefit if the tractor costs three to three and a half lakhs.

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