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Tuesday, May 10, 2022

The smallest country in the world, with a population of only 27 people, would be shocked to know another feature || વિશ્વનો સૌથી નાનો દેશ, વસ્તી છે માત્ર 27 લોકોની, બીજી ખાસિયત જાણીને ચોંકી ઉઠશો

The world has huge countries like Russia, Brazil, Australia, America and India on one side and small countries on the other side.  However, it would be surprising to know that the population of a country called Sealand is only 6 people.

 Its total area looks like a tennis court from a distance. Sealand's surface area is 2000 square feet.  It is located at a distance of 15 km from the coast of Suffolk off the coast of England.  As this country is small, it cannot be found even on the map of the world. At present, it is nothing more than an old fort that has become a ruin.

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 According to reports, the site was used by Britain as an anti-aircraft defensive gun during World War II.

 Roy Bates also issued postage stamps, passports and currency of the country.  On the currency is a picture of wife John Bates. Sealand has its own red, white and black flag.

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 After the death of Roy Bates in October 2006, his son Michael Bates is the Prince of Ceylon.  He lives in Sealand with his wife, Lauren, and daughter, Charlotte, just like his father.  Cylinders with very little area do not have their own means of livelihood.

ગુજરાતીમાં વાચવા માટે અહિયા ક્લિક કરો

 Countries like Britain and live on the help of tourists.  However, Sealand is yet to be recognized as an international country.  The Vatican is still the smallest country in the world, spread over 8 acres and with a population of 200.

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