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Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Viral video / This guy was stealing electricity by climbing on the threshold

In our country, both the power crisis and the theft of electricity are very serious. People risk their lives to save some money but do not allow electricity theft to stop. There have also been frequent accidents involving fire or electricity while stealing electricity. Now a similar video is going viral in which a strange way of stealing electricity has come up. There is a moment in this video when a scream can come out of the viewer's mouth.

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Stealing electricity by climbing the stairs

A person named dAdityaspoint shared this video on Twitter. In which a person climbs the stairs and starts connecting the electric wire with open hand. Meanwhile the voice of the video maker also comes that this is wrong. Only then can we see that a loud short circuit occurs. Sparks spread all around. Watch this video

Where is this weird video from?

Sharing this, the user has informed that this video is from Sitapur. He wrote in the caption, "A bizarre video of a power theft in Sitapur has gone viral. A man was stealing electricity by climbing a ladder, then a short circuit occurred."

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Fire on social media

While some people are having fun watching this video on social media, there are also some people who are talking about complaining about such people. Let me tell you that electricity theft is a major crime. For which fines are levied by the department and if necessary legal action is also taken.

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