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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

શું તમે જાણવા માંગો છો કે ગયા જન્મમાં તમે શું હતાં❓હવે તમે પણ આ રીતે જાણી શકશો. || Do you want to know what you were like in the last birth? Now you can know this way too.

Even in today's age of science and technology, many people believe in astrology and superstition and many people follow their advice. People often turn to astrologers to find out their future.

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Astrologers try to answer their questions through various disciplines like Vedic astrology, palmistry, numerology, but did you know that you can also know your past.

 Astrologers say that the calculation of previous births is just an estimate, which requires constant thinking to understand.  Normally a person is born from wandering in his family and his basic habits remain the same.  Is.

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 You may have often seen astrologers telling the secrets of previous births.  These people look at the horoscope and tell us what we were, where we lived and what we were doing in the previous birth. But it is so easy to know about it.  Last birth by reading horoscope?  On this subject, astrologer Shailendra Pandey says that knowing the previous birth is not so easy, but also not impossible.

 According to astrology, the principle of pre-birth works on the law of interaction.  In life when a person does any work or strives for that action, if he does not get the fruit then he has to be born again.  There is a reaction to every action or thought done in nature.  That is why there is reincarnation.  After death, when a person's will is suppressed, he will definitely be reborn to fulfill it.

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 Knowing what a person was in his or her previous birth is a guess that requires constant attention to symptoms to understand.  Usually born in his own family.  And his basic habits remain the same.  But when a person dies with an emotion or desire in his mind, he is reborn to fulfill that emotion or desire.  Any special trait, defect, habit, disease or scar that comes into a person without any reason is a person's pre-birth.  And through it we can get a little idea.

 An astrologer by a researcher said that a study has been done on the previous births of celebrities.  If we talk about the big stars of politics and film world, it is said that they were likely to enter this business in their next birth.  His body, work and habits are similar to those of the previous birth.  You may have seen some kids who become very fast in music at the young age of 5 years.  This is because in his previous birth he was a musician or interested in music.  His desires lingered in his mind.  And to fulfill these desires he is born again.

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 According to astrology, what to do if a person is disturbed by the karmas of his previous birth, worshiping Lord Shiva is very auspicious.  In such a situation chant Shiva mantra.  Fast on Ekadashi and Purnima.  Read the full meaning of Srimad Bhagavad.  Donate food to a hungry person on Saturday.  Dedicate your actions and thoughts to God.

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