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Saturday, June 18, 2022

Modi shared his childhood memories on Mana's birthday, my mother didn't even see the school door

Modi shared his childhood memories on Mana's birthday, my mother didn't even see the school door

Hiraba, the mother of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is entering her 100th year on June 18. On this occasion PM Modi reached Gandhinagar. He washed his mother's feet and applied the water to his eyes. Modi's mother also saluted and blessed the son who arrived to meet him on the occasion of his birthday. PM Modi has written a blog on the special occasion of his mother's birthday. In this blog he shares his childhood memories connected with his mother.

"My mother Hiriba is entering her 100th year on June 18," PM Modi wrote. That is, his birth is beginning in the centenary year. If it had been Dad, he would have turned 100 last week. That is, 2022 is the year my mother's birth centenary year begins and this year marks my father's birth centenary year.

My mother was born in Visnagar, Mehsana district. It is not far from Vadnagar. My mother was not lucky enough to love her mother, that is, my grandmother. The effects of the global pandemic a century ago lasted for many years. That epidemic robbed my little one of my mother. My mother didn't even see the school door. He has just seen poverty and lack all around.

As a child, our house used to have a Diwali-like atmosphere on the day of Eid. A friend of my father lived in a nearby village and his son's name was Abbas. After the death of Abbas's father, Abbas stayed at our home to study. As a child, on the day of Eid, his mother used to make a lot of dishes for Abbas at home. Prime Minister Modi has said many interesting things in his blog written today.

Childhood struggles made my mother grow up earlier than her age. He was the eldest in his family and even when he got married he became the eldest bride. The house we lived in in Vadnagar was very small. There were no windows in this house. There was no bathroom either. Mother used to clean the dishes in other people's house so that she could earn some extra money to run the house.

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