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Monday, March 27, 2023

आज का राशिफल 29/03/2023 || Today Horoscope 29/03/2023 || આજનું રાશિફળ


 Positive:- There will be excellent planetary condition.  There will be an atmosphere of peace and joy in the house due to the completion of some important work related to children.  Your work ethic and intelligence will earn you respect at home and in society.

 Negative – Too much idealism can be harmful for you.  It is also necessary to be practical.  Spend this time in solitude or meditation.

 Business:- Business activities will be good.  There will be legal or investment related complications.  It would be appropriate to seek the help of a higher authority

 Love:- Mutual harmony will create a peaceful atmosphere in the home.

 Health: Problems like gas will bother you.  Eat light and digestible food.

 Auspicious Color - Orange

 Auspicious Number- 2



 Positive:- Maintain your confidence and morale.  If you are thinking of investing somewhere, apply it immediately.  Some time will also be spent in domestic work.

 Negative:- Do not try to postpone your tasks due to laziness and carelessness.  Believe in yourself.  You can harm yourself by talking to others

 Business:- You will be able to maintain proper order in business.  But the activities of employees need to be monitored

 Love:- Home life will be orderly and happy.  In a love relationship it is necessary to respect each other's feelings.

 Health:- Constipation and gas can disrupt daily routine.

 Auspicious Color - White

 Auspicious Number-- 1



 Positive: There will be an opportunity to meet people.  There will be a surprising change in your thinking style.  You will have a strong desire to learn and do something good.

 Negative:- Being unnecessarily criticized by a close person will hurt your mind.  Economic condition will be normal.  Do not do any kind of money related transactions during this time.  You may lose something important

 Business:- There will be few hurdles in business work due to personal busyness.  But most of the work will also be completed on time.  You will get relief from getting stuck or stuck money from somewhere.

 Love:- The atmosphere of the house will be happy.  There will be mutual love between the members.

 Health:- Health will be good.  But make exercise and yoga a part of your life.

 Auspicious Color- Green

 Auspicious Number-- 3



 Positive:- There will be a meeting with close people, and a beneficial discussion on a particular issue.  Follow Vastu rules while implementing home improvement plans.

 Negative:- You can harm yourself by talking about others.  It is important to maintain mental peace at this time.

 Business:- Hard work done for business at this time will get favorable results soon.  Maintaining relationships with high officials and dignitaries will prove beneficial in your business.

 Love:- Spouse and family members will have proper support.  And you will succeed in achieving your goal.

 Health:- Toothache can be bothersome at this time.

 Auspicious Color - Orange

 Auspicious Number- 8

the lion

 Positive:- Have a positive attitude, this will help you to maintain proper harmony in home and business.  Getting a solution to a problem that has been going on for some time will give you relief.

 Negative:- Do not interfere in other's affairs.  Otherwise, your image among people may be tarnished without any reason.  Do not resort to any unfair means to enforce the terms.

 Business:- There will be a very busy and tiring routine in business activities.  But it will also get positive results.  Expansion plans will also be discussed.

 Love:- Disputed matters going on in the relationship of the couple will be resolved.

 Health:- Mild seasonal problems like cough and cold may remain.

 Auspicious Color- Blue

 Auspicious Number- 7


 the bride

 Positive:- Despite being busy, you will find time for your favorite activities.  Your confidence and a little care will make most of the work done easily.

 Negative:- Work according to your ability.  Taking on the responsibilities of others can cause trouble for you.  Students should not play with their career and studies by indulging in useless activities.

 Business:- Business problems that have been going on for some time will be resolved.  The guidance and advice of a senior and experienced person in the house will prove useful in financial matters.

 Love:- Maintain proper discipline and order at home.  Any kind of misunderstanding or misunderstanding in a love relationship can lead to distance.

 Health:- You will feel physically and mentally unwell due to excessive stress and work load.

 Auspicious Color- Green

 Auspicious Number- 6



 Positive:- Also make some time for social and community related activities.  With this, the circle of contact will increase and recognition will also increase.

 Negative:- The effect of any bad news will be very deep on you, due to which the mind will be disturbed.  You will feel confident because of not taking proper care of the elders in the house

 Business:- Something will continue to be seen.  It is necessary to keep a close watch on the employees and the activities of the employees.  There will be tension due to extra workload at work.  Orders can be found in the electronics manufacturing business.

 Love:- Spouse and family members will get full support.

 Health:- Don't let stressful activities overwhelm you.  Due to which mental problems may increase

 Auspicious Color- Red

 Auspicious number-1



 Positive:- Time is favorable to invest, just get proper information related to it.  You will be accompanied by an experienced person and you will feel incredible confidence and energy within you.

 Negative:- Suddenly there will be some situations that it will be difficult to stop the expenditure.  There will be difficulties in solving government matters now.

 Business:- Business requires more effort and attention at this time.  Do not work on expansion plans.  There will also be financial difficulties.

 Love:- Stress and anxiety can also affect family life.

 Health:- Do not take health-related ups and downs carelessly.  A little caution will keep you perfectly healthy.

Auspicious Color - Pink

 Auspicious Number- 3



 Positive:- There will be some discussion regarding the renovation and decoration of the house.  And there will be an atmosphere of enthusiasm among family members.  But make a budget on it before doing any work, then you will avoid financial problems.

 Negative:- Take care of your own things, trusting others can be harmful.  There will be worry in the mind due to a dispute with a close relative.

 Business: There will be ups and downs in business.  Exercise utmost care when dealing with employees.  A little carelessness can cause harm.  Along with this negative attitude of colleague will also bother you.

 Love:- Keep your behavior moderate in the family.  Because your rude behavior can create tension among family members.

 Health:- Stress will affect your digestive system.  Eat a healthy diet.

 Auspicious colour- brown

 Auspicious Number- 2



 Positive: - If the idea of ​​buying a vehicle or something valuable is coming then the day is very auspicious.  Youth will get career guidance and students will be aware of their studies.

 Negative:- Expenditure will be higher along with income.  It is important to take care of your budget at this time.  It would be wise to consult an experienced person while taking an important decision.

 Business:- Benefic planetary position.  So do not be careless and lazy and work with full enthusiasm.  Do your work with all seriousness and honesty, your chances of advancement are also getting better at this time.

 Love:- There will be an atmosphere of joy and peace in the house.

 Health:- There will be fatigue and lack of energy due to mental stress.  Spend some time in yoga and meditation.

 Auspicious Color - White

 Auspicious Number- 9



 Positive:- A problem will be solved.  Efforts to improve your personality and performance will also yield pleasant results.  The problem related to children will also be solved.

 Negative:- Wrong actions and leaning towards friends can bring you into disrepute.  Especially the youth should be aware of this.  There may be problems in the marital life of any member of the household.

 Business:- The hard work done in the present related to business will give good results in the near future.  Tax matters can be complicated.  But the solution will also be found with the help of a government person.

 Love:- Try to explain any family problem with mutual harmony

 Health:- Carelessness will lead to problems like cold and flu.

 Auspicious colour- brown

 Auspicious Number- 2

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ગુજરાતીમા વાચવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો


 Positive:- Pleasant planetary conditions are becoming.  The work which was stuck or stalled for a long time can be succeeded with a little effort.  Studying youth will get solution to ongoing problem related to their studies.

 Negative:- Some people can also take advantage of your weaknesses like emotionality and generosity.  It's okay to be practical and sometimes selfish.  Don't waste your time on social media and useless friends.

 Business:- Time is favorable to invest in any new business.  There will be full support of staff and employees, there will be minor problems in the job.

 Love:- Family atmosphere will be pleasant

 Health:- Do not neglect your diet and routine.  Due to which your immune system may weaken.  Make yoga, exercise etc a part of your daily routine.

 Auspicious colour- sky

 Auspicious Number- 3

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