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Sunday, March 12, 2023

WhatsAppના કારણે ઓવરલોડ છે તમારો ફોન તો અજમાવો આ સુપરફાસ્ટ ટ્રીક, ફટાફટ ખાલી થશે સ્પેસ

 Using Meta's popular application WhatsApp has become a part of every smartphone user's daily routine.  Not just chatting, using WhatsApp is related to their work for some users.  In such a situation, being a part of many WhatsApp groups, various types of files are downloaded to the phone.

Also cannot turn off auto download option so as not to miss any important information.  Many times the phone becomes so overloaded due to WhatsApp that everything starts to slow down.

 If this is happening to you too, we are going to tell you some tips, with the help of which you can easily delete unnecessary photos, videos and media files from WhatsApp.

 How much storage are WhatsApp files taking up on the device?

 Before deleting WhatsApp files, know how much storage the app is using on the media device.  For this first you have to open WhatsApp and go to settings option.

 Here you have to click on Storage & Data option.  Here you can get information about phone memory by tapping on Manage Storage option.

 This is how to delete WhatsApp media

 To delete WhatsApp media, tap Larger than 5MB on Manage Storage.

 Media files that are not needed here can be selected one by one and deleted.

 To delete media, you can take help of Newest, Oldest and Largest categories.

 Apart from this, if you don't need any file, you can delete all the files together.

 After deleting the file, check and delete these files from gallery as well.

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 Save device storage in this way

 You can also save device storage using a trick on WhatsApp.  For this user can control media auto download.

 For this you have to click on Storage & Data option in Settings.

 Here, on the option of media auto-download, you can choose to download the required files using mobile data or WiFi.

Source : "TV9 ગુજરાતી"

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