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Friday, August 11, 2023

અમદાવાદમાં ચોટીલાથી દર્શન કરી પરત ફરતા, ટ્રક સાથે મિની-ટ્રક અથડાતાં ગોજારો અકસ્માત, એકે સાથે 10 લોકો…

 10 people died in Gamkhwar accident

 A terrible accident took place on the Bavla-Bagodara highway in Ahmedabad, in which 10 people including 5 women and 3 children of Sunda and Bhanthala villages were killed.  A serious accident took place when a mini truck entered behind the truck.  However, 10 people have been injured.  As soon as the incident was reported, the local police reached the spot and conducted an investigation.  The accident took place between Bavla-Bagodara and 50 km away from Ahmedabad.  Then PM Modi and Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel expressed their condolences regarding the incident.

Friends, accident cases are happening frequently, now after Gandhinagar-Sarkhej highway, it has come to light that there has been a big accident on Ahmedabad-Bagodara highway as well.  Chotila, while returning from the darshan of Mata, rammed into a truck parked on the magical highway.  Due to which 10 people died in the accident.

The dead include five women, three children and two men.  On receiving information about the incident, the police reached the spot and other people injured in the accident have been admitted to the hospital.  Preliminary information revealed that the accident occurred due to truck parking on the highway.

 According to the information received, a total of 13 people were on board the Tata Magic (small elephant) vehicle, out of which three were sitting in front.  The remaining 10 people were riding behind.  All these were returning from Chotila, a pilgrimage site in Surendra Nagar district.  On the way back, this big accident happened when a truck stopped in front of the highway.

In which a total of 10 people died on the spot, the information reached, the police took out the dead and sent the injured to the hospital.  All are said to be natives of Sudha village in Kapdvanj.

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Thursday, August 10, 2023

અંબાબાલ પટેલની નવી આગાહી : શ્રાવણ અમાસથી ભાદરવા મહિના સુધી વરસાદ રહેશે.

alal Patel Monsoon Prediction 

Now if we look at the forecast of the Meteorological Department, there is a forecast of rain in Gujarat for 3 days from today.  In which there may be scattered rain in some areas.  So far, 93 percent of the rains have fallen in Gujarat.  So Dahod and Gandhinagar have recorded the least rainfall.

According to Ambalal Patel, the force of strong winds coming from Somalia has increased in Gujarat, so there is no good rain when the wind blows and there is a possibility of warming of water and air in the East Pacific Ocean, its effect can affect the maritime and land parts of India.  A tropical storm is likely to form towards the Mediterranean, this tropical storm may draw moisture from the Bay of Bengal which may directly affect parts of western India.  As long as there are rains in East India, rains in North West India may be less.

He further said that there is a possibility of monsoon change in North Eastern India from 12th so that it may have some impact on parts of Gujarat.  So on August 15 to 18 there is a possibility of rain towards parts of Madhya Pradesh, there is a possibility of good rain showers towards parts of Gujarat.

The state has received an average of 92 percent rainfall so far.  However, more than normal rainfall has been recorded in most of the 33 districts in Gujarat.  But still there are in some districts.  So far it has rained less than it should have.  Dahod district should have received 437.5 mm of rain so far but has received 339.9 mm of rain.  That means 22 percent less rain has occurred.  Dang should receive 1383.4 mm of rain so far but has received 1271.8 mm of rain.  That means 8 percent less rain has been recorded.

ગુજરાતીમા વાચવા માટે અહી ક્લિક કરો.

Gandhinagar district should have recorded 457.8 mm of rain so far but so far only 367.6 mm of rain has been recorded.  That means there has been 20 percent less rain.  Narmada district should also receive 602 mm of rain so far but has received 536.5 mm of rain so far.  That means 11 percent less rain has been recorded.  Vadodara district should have received 551.8 mm of rain so far but has received 487 mm of rain.  Which is 6 percent less rain.

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